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GPU Performance for Game Artists

Performance is everybody's responsibility, no matter what your role. For artists, a little knowledge of what goes on under the hood can make a big impact on a game's framerate. If you're an artist and want to understand how the GPU works and why things like draw calls, LODs, and mipmaps are important for performance, read on!

Multithreading for Gamedev Students

Here are the slides of another talk I gave in Trinity College Dublin. This one gives an introduction to the basics of programming for multicore processors, covering the aspects that most apply to developing game engines. The talk is aimed at gamedev students that don’t necessarily come from a strict computer science background, but is also applicable to CS students looking for a refresher.

How to Become a Game Programmer

At least once a month I see the same question pop up on various programming forums I visit - "How do I get into the games industry?", or a variation such as "What language should I learn?", or "What should I do in college?". Sometimes I try and answer, but I invariably find myself writing the same bits of advice and yet never have the time to go into the detail that I want to. This is my attempt to make up for that.

Performance Programming for Gamedev Students

These are the slides of a talk I gave to the M.Sc. IET course in Trinity College Dublin in July 2014. The aim was to give the students an overview of the most important topics when it comes to optimizing game engines for performance.

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